EEVBlog Soldering Tutorials

Dave Jones, of EEVBlog fame, has a great three-part series on soldering. He starts with an overview of tools, materials, etc. in Part 1, and then Parts 2 and 3 cover everything from basics, like through-hole component soldering, all the way up through dealing with tiny surface-mount components. Really great stuff with very useful tips; if you aren’t already a fan of Dave’s work you should check out his YouTube channel and/or The Amp Hour podcast he does with Chris Gammell. Many thanks to Dave for all the hard work, great posts, and his Australian sense of humor!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Build your own digital computer!

paperclipcoverI discovered a post last night on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories’ site re: “how to build a working digital computer out of paperclips.” It immediately reminded me of Charles Petzold’s book (Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software) so I headed over to to check it out. The book, How to Build a Working Digital Computer by Edward Alcosser, James P. Phillips, and Allen M. Wolk, is available for download in a variety of formats (many thanks and the copyright holders!!) and looks to be a very interesting read.