World Maker Faire NYC 2013

I’m just back from World Maker Faire 2013 in NYC. It was held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens (site of the 1964 Worlds Fair) and was simply amazing. There were too many great talks, gadgets, etc. to list but here are a few notable ones and things I liked:

  • Wendy Tremayne, author of The Good Life Lab gave a really wonderful talk about going off-the-grid in New Mexico. She was very inspirational and it was one of the most memorable sessions I went to.
  • OpenBCI, an EEG/Arduino interface board (some very interesting possibilities for device control and neuroscience at home…) Can’t wait to see where this is going
  • Jeri Ellsworth (an absolutely amazing engineer and inspiration to all self-taught hardware hackers) was there presenting “Cast AR“, an augmented reality platform that looks really promising.
  • Open Wire Lab had some really interesting & super flexible sensors that look like they’d be great for a glove controller or something similar. I picked up two of them to do a bit of prototyping with.
  • I grabbed a couple of Streetlight Max RGB light-sticks for the kids (a big hit!)
  • I got to meet Ben Heck and Alyson!
  • Last but not least, David Pogue gave a sneak preview of his upcoming TV mini-series

Oh, and Eepybird was there with a lot of Diet Coke and Mentos to entertain the crowd :)