Powers of Ten visualization

“Powers of Ten” is a classic; if you haven’t seen it before you owe it to yourself to invest the ~10 minutes and check it out. The film was produced in the mid-1970’s and is a very powerful visualization of cosmic distances vs. microscopic distances (and where humanity fits in):

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

Robert Cringely interviewed Steve Jobs in 1995 as part of a TV series called “Triumph of the Nerds”. At the time, Jobs was still at NeXT and had not made his historic return to Apple. Tragically, all of the master tapes for the show were lost in transit and everyone believed the content was simply gone for good. Miraculously, the director discovered a VHS copy in his garage in 2011 (16 years later!) and the hour-long interview was returned to the world. It has been re-released as “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” I found it fascinating and highly recommend it. (Note: if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can watch it for free via Amazon streaming)